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    The Rules of the Forum


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    The Rules of the Forum Empty The Rules of the Forum

    Post by Admin on Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:02 pm



    Respect Admin, Moderators, and each other as well as yourselves.

    You must join the forum to interact with the realms. Once you join, they will become available for you to see and interact with.

    Only One Account Per Person. If you start coming in with four or five accounts and they are proven to be You, they will be erased and you will be told to choose only one to keep Here.  You can use Multiple Characters per Account.

    No Smut in Public Areas. Keep it to PMS. Flirting is fine but if it gets overly sexual you will be asked to take it to PM.

    Any style of race is welcomed into the Forum. But DO NOT be ridiculous.

    Each Character brought to the forum MUST have a bio done and posted within the Bio
    Category. Pictures are not required. If you deem it necessary to express your character with visual aid, then by all means feel free.

    No destroying the areas or realms that you visit.

    All Combat will follow Old World Style and will be monitored by Admin and Moderators.

    Warnings are given only three times. Each offense will be recorded and monitored.

    Villains are highly welcomed and greatly appreciated within the Forum.

    Keep in mind, not everyone is a person of combat. Respect their decision and leave it be if they decline the challenge.

    Guards of The Realm will enforce Realm Rules.

    If you would like to buy a house and have it posted on the section of either realm, message an Admin, or Moderator and they will have it set up. However you have to link where you did the RP to do the purchase of the house. You CAN NOT have a house in BOTH realms.

    **Rules will be added as needed.**

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